Excelsior Vocal Coaching



The vision of Excelsior Vocal Coaching is to develop the skills of vocalists in order for them to gain greater levels of excellency in the following areas:  vocal range expansion, improve tone, pitch and develop stage presence.

The private teaching format with Ms. Londa Larmond (Head vocal coach) will contribute to the increased level of confidence and self-esteem for the students.  The admirable combination of Ms. Larmond’s dedication and proficiency will inspire the student to excellence.

Excelsior Vocal Coaching offers private singing/coaching lessons to adults (18 years of age and up).  Perform like a pro with confidence, charisma and stage presence.

Whether you’re a beginner or an established singer, Excelsior Vocal Coaching will improve your vocal skills, bring out your personality, as well as help you control and overcome the nerves and anxieties that stop you from performing your best.

Contact EXCELSIOR today to book a vocal assessment.

Email:  excelsior@londalarmond.com

Semi-Private Sessions are available to develop singers from 18 years of age and all skill levels.  These 50-minute private sessions are designed to empower singers to bring out the best in themselves.  Your sessions will concentrate on your unique vocal challenges and goals, such as:

  • proper warm-up exercises
  • breath control
  • pitch and vibrato
  • strength and power
  • dynamics and phrasing
  • and more

Your confidence and that of your team members, will build as you expand your song repertoire, develop your vocal range, and discover your unique style.  Track your progress by recording songs that can be shared with friends and family.  Contact Excelsior today, to start hearing the difference in your singing!

Vocal Assessment Fee:  $50

Session Cost:  GROUPS ONLY (including praise teams, choirs, ensembles, etc.) – NO one-on-one sessions – 50 min session – payments are made monthly – by the 5th of each month

RATES:    Group of 5 to 9 members – $250 per session, Group of 10 to 19 – $450 per session  and Group of 20 or more – $600 per session

*Under 5 members – $50pp

**(minimum 1-month commitment required)

Payment Methods:  Exact cash or email transfer only to excelsior@londalarmond.comPAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE

****Space is limited coaching is done during the summer months only – JUNE to AUG 

SATURDAYS PREFERRED (from 12 noon to 4pm), but not limited to Saturdays. 

Location:  TBD upon discussion